How To Generate 400+ Page One Rankings

The Challenge

Before we started to work with this client, their rankings weren’t the best, but they weren’t great either.  While they were ranking for a bunch of different keywords, many of them weren’t the type of high intent (translation: the customer is looking to buy something) phrases we typically like to target.

Starting with our Digital Marketing Checkup, we were able to show this client the strengths and weaknesses of their digital marketing campaigns and suggest the appropriate action steps they should take to get better results.

They were so happy with the information we provided during that initial analysis and review phone call, they decided to hire us to implement the strategies for them.

The Approach

After presenting the results of our Digital Marketing Checkup and the 6-month road map we created for them, we immediately got to work on this site.

First, we determined the site didn’t have the most natural-looking back link profile and began by removing the worst of the bunch by submitting a disavow file to Google.  To make the remaining back links appear more natural, we focused on building more links with brand/URL and generic anchor text since the previous company they worked with was a little bit heavy-handed on the exact match keywords they were targeting.

Once that was done, we focused our efforts on the top ranking pages of the site to improve their rankings even more and produce more website visitors as a result.  The first step in that regard was to optimize their title and meta description tags to generate a higher click-through ratio on the SERP listings, followed by a content audit that revealed how much more content they needed to add to those pages and how it should be optimized.

Last, but not least, we identified new, high-quality back link opportunities we could leverage to build more authority to their site.


The Results

Even though it took a few months to complete all of the initial work and a few months longer before Google actually picked up on all of the improvements we made, the client was more than happy with the results we were able to produce for them.

Compared to the year before they started to work with us, this client experienced not only more page one rankings, but more rankings overall, and more importantly, better conversions thanks to the high intent value of the keywords we were targeting.

46% Increase In Keyword Rankings

3,000+ Visitors Per Month

25% Revenue Increase

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