19-Year Old Gamer Turns His Passion Into A 7-Figure Company

The Challenge

Prior to working with us, Derek didn’t know how to code a website, setup a digital marketing campaign, or write a blog post.

While he had experience using a computer for checking emails and browsing the Internet, he needed a lot of guidance and support to create the product he wanted to sell, as well as the systems and processes needed to sell it online.

That’s where we come into the picture.

After being introduced through a mutual contact, we spoke with Derek to help him define his offer and map out his entire digital marketing campaign from A to Z.

… and the rest, is history.

The Approach

Since Derek didn’t have any prior experience creating and managing digital marketing campaigns, we helped him find the right website designers to work with, the right platform to use to sell his offer, and the right affiliate marketing solution to allow others to promote his offer in exchange for a share of the revenue from each sale.

Prior to releasing his info product, we also advised him on the best way to generate traffic and increase conversions.  Armed with this information, Derek was able to build an email list and create a recurring stream of visitors and sales, all important elements when it came time to ultimately sell the asset he had created to an outside investor.

The Results

After working with us for 18 months, Derek decided to sell the business to an outside investor who wanted to add the recurring revenue generated to his portfolio. As a result, Derek received a 6-figure payout and used the proceeds of the sale to fund multiple other online endeavors which, to date, have generated more than 7-figures in revenue.

$10,000+ Per Month Revenue

3,500+ Paying Customers

$200,000+ Payout From Sale

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