Brick & Mortar Uses eCommerce To 5x Revenues

The Challenge

As you can probably guess by the picture on the left, this client sells heavy equipment, particular to the farming industry, and as such, doesn’t ship their primary products directly to their customers.

So, you can imagine our surprise when they approached us to help them setup and manage an online store and all of their digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic, website visitors and leads to the store.

While they don’t ship the actual equipment itself, they do have a vast inventory of replacement parts that can be shipped quite easily to their customers and hired us to help them create the online store and manage their organic search and Google Shopping ad campaigns.

The Approach

Since they already had a bunch of sales data and information we could start with, we began by researching the keywords associated with these product SKU’s and analyzing the competitors who were already ranking for them.

Once we had an idea of which keywords to target, we created specific product and product category pages within the online store to target them and setup some Google Shopping ads to drive traffic to them.

After a few months of rinsing and repeating this process for many more keywords, we were able to figure out which keywords converted and which ones didn’t. ¬†Armed with that information, we turned our attention to improving the organic search rankings of these pages for those keywords.

Since we already knew from our paid traffic data that these keywords were profitable, we were able to invest the additional time, effort, and budget into ranking for those keywords.  With time, we were able to scale back their Google Shopping ads and ultimately increase their ROI by shifted their ad budget towards a more long-term, sustainable traffic source.

The Results

When we started in Jan 2016, most of the traffic to this site was from non-organic sources, particular the Google Shopping ads we setup for them.

Over time, though, we were able to help them more than double the number of website visitors produced by organic search, reduce their cost per acquisition, and increase profitability.

As we continue to work with this client, we’re focused on improving their organic search rankings even more, as well as improving their sales and customer follow-up processes to improve on these results.

136% Increase In Traffic In 18 Months

5x Revenue Increase

Increased Phone Orders 250%

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