From 4 to 55 DUI/DWI Leads Per Month Using AdWords

The Challenge

In the beginning, this client had a small AdWords campaign generating about 4-8 leads per month.  Within the first 30 days, our fully optimized campaigns were able to generate 55 fresh leads looking for a DUI/DWI lawyer.

Since the client gave us MCC access to their AdWords account and admin access to their site to upload the landing pages and content we needed, there were no additional challenges beyond the small trickle of leads they were generating when we first started working together.

The Approach

Use the existing data from our successful campaigns from other cities, we focused on creating a landing page filled with stunning content and a strong call-to-action.  On the campaign management side of things, we broke the campaign down into Adgroups/keywords which targeted the different services this client offered and mixed that in with some location based targeting to get things started.

After we were able to run the campaign for a while to gather enough research, we implemented the first round of changes to the under-performing Adgroups, keywords, geo-locations, ad-extensions, Ad scheduling and copy elements of the campaign.  In the end, lead flow increased by more than 500% in the first 30 days.

The Results

While this particular client continued to work with us beyond the first month of this campaign, they were quite happy with the results we were able to produce within the first 30 days of being given access to their Adwords account.

31 Phone Calls From AdWords

Extra 24 Form Submissions

500+% Lead Flow Increase

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