Tripled LTV To Generate More Than $10 Million Revenue

The Challenge

Prior to working with us, this company was struggling to increase lead flow and was experiencing a roller coaster of revenues and profitability.

While they had a defined process in place to generate leads and turn them into customers, most of their customers weren’t sticking around to use their services and as a result, their stick rate and monthly recurring revenues weren’t at a level were they could be sustainable for years in the future.

The Approach

To help this company improve their bottom line, we worked closely with them to create a defined on-boarding and customer retention process to improve their stick rate and increase monthly recurring revenues.

Since they did not have a physical store as their services were only available online, the steps a lead took after deciding to us the service was this company’s longevity.

Working with this client, we were able to design and implement a step-by-step process to walk their customers through the activation of their account, place orders from their customer dashboard and receive guidance and support should they require it.

Over the course of our relationship, we continually updated and re-defined this process to improve it to the point this client was able to position itself as a leader in their marketplace.

The Results

After working with us for close to 3 years, this client was able to not only position themselves as the market leader, but set themselves up to be acquired by another company who wanted to integrate their services and customers into their own platform.

Almost $500k Per Month Revenue

Hundreds of Active Customers

Tripled Customer LTV To $6,000+

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